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            YuanFang Electronic


            GJR-5KW-Foot step /Air pressure

            Applicable products:

            Applicable to sports equipment, communication equipment, trademarks, stationery boxes, raincoats and rainpants, blow toys, plastic covers, liquid mats, footwear products, etc...

            15KWSteel plate Longmen

            Applicable products:

            Applicable to automotive interiors, all kinds of clothing, carpet embossing, trademarks, raincoats, umbrellas, blow toys, stationery boxes, plastic covers, stationery boxes, cool liquid mats, footwear products, cushions, various packaging bags, etc...

            PVC air toy high frequency welding machine

            Applicable products:

            Applicable to the manufacture of air-blowing sofa, inflatable toys, cushions, car interior decoration, chair cushions, carpets, cushion embossing and other large areas of PVC products processing...

            With production, research & development and marketing combined into one, Zhejiang LinAn YuanFang Electronic Equipment Corporation is a specialized high frequency electronic equipment manufacturer. The main products of it embrace high frequency (high cycle)plastic welders and high frequency induction heaters. They are chiefly used for plastic fusion/welding, embossing, double-sided heat heal, vacuum thermoform /blister packing and paper carded seal of pure PVC or any soft and hard rubbers, skins or cloths containing at least 30% of PVC. Of the products there are various types of 2.5KW-200KW equipment available for customers to opt for while special high frequency equipment can be made to order on customers’ demand. They are all conform with the standard of industrial bands 27.12-13.56MHZ laid down by the government. The Corporation has a strong-powered technical team for research and development with a high production capacity well-matched. The equipment is all of top quality raw materials and imported electronic components. The spark-proof technique of high performance microprocessor chips resulting from the research of many years by the Corporation in particular has an unparallel advantage, due to the chip -control over the entire machine, in the high frequency machine thoroughly solving the ordinary problems such as mould and connection point burning and electricity seizure. The electronic tubes and relevant devices are thus protected from current impacts so as to greatly prolong the service life of the machine. The same is employed extensively for the trades ranging from medical products, raincoats & rainware, auto interior decoration, air-toys, tarpaulins, membrane structures to packaging products. Since its launching onto the market in 2006, the equipment has been favorably received and highly spoken of by the customers. With the continuous development of the market economy, the Corporation has built up the enterprise culture, enterprise objective and enterprise value of its own. Service concept: Customers are God, quality is life, honesty is essence, and credit first. Finally we wish to well cooperate with customers old and new in promoting the common development on the basis of mutual benefit.

            YuanFang Electronic
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