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            The extensive application of high frequency:

            ?It is called high frequency embossing when applied to textile printing, which is another kind of textile printing characteristic of concave-convex relief, creating a distinctive style in textile printing. Although high frequency is simple to operate and easy to learn when applied in textile printing, it combines into one electricity, acoustics, mechanics and physics. Only by cooperating well of all these factors can best products be turned out eventually.

            At present, high frequency is mainly applied to the bonding between plastic products, between plastic products and metal accessories and between other non-plastic materials. Replacing the solvent adhesive, mechanical fixing and other bonding workmanship, it is a kind of advanced assembly technology. High frequency welding technology has not only connection assembly functions, but also is of moisture-proof and waterproof sealing effects. With the rapid development of today, the technicians in the circle have been trying to employ computers and digital engraving machines to design engraving metal moulds as high-frequency mechanical welding or cutting knife head. By adopting the principle of the high frequency electricity-heat power conversion, the high frequency field can cause the molecules to vibrate and generate heat from vibration. Applying a certain pressure onto the material surface, materials such as PVC and PEC are made to bond with fabric to shape up. The high frequency technology combined with the printing technology has been utilized in the textile printing field, winning high praise from the public.
            At the request of a great many customers, we shall publish some relevant knowledge on high frequency equipment (high frequency) and the operating instructions thereof. Thank you for your
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