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            Product classification
            • 遮陽板專用機

            • 汽車門護板高頻專用機


            Simultaneous heat sealing, cutting PET (APET, PETG) plastic cover, sheet, cutting paper cards and plastic cover (such as toothbrush packaging), synthetic leather products, automotive leather chairs, sun visor, with internal cloth material, footwear, watches, belt, CD bags, trademarks and so on. Get welded and cut at the same time. The product is not only good looking but also labor saving.


            The device can simultaneously heat seal and trim which can save a complicated process, save time, save labor and save materials. Working pressure: 0.8T-20T adjustable seat cushions, electrical appliances, leathers, trade mark ,shoes, watchband, belt, packing bag of electric-wares, purse and sunlight-proof board of car