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            Product classification
            • PVC shower curtain high frequency machine

            Function: The equipment is suitable for PVC, EVC shower curtain. The width is 1-2.6 meters and the power is 15kw-25kw.

            Company status:hangzhou Yuanfang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2004. The main technical backbone of the company is the transformation of the former state-owned high-frequency machine enterprise, which has more than 30 years of technical experience.

            Equipment technology:All the equipment pictures displayed on the website are independently developed and manufactured by our company's technology department. There are also a large number of technical parameters and pictures of equipment not shown, which can be called or consulted.

            Equipment quality:All parts of equipment are purchased through regular channels, using well-known brand suppliers at home and abroad, and major parts manufacturers have cooperated for more than ten years.

            After-sale service:The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year (GP2.5-J6, GJR-2800 for half a year) and maintenance for life. The company only charges cost fee and door service fee for parts damaged or equipment failure during the warranty period.